Shivram Parmar and SM Records: A Divine Musical Journey Continues

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Posted On: Monday, February 12, 2024

In a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, Shivram Parmar and SM Records have once again captured the essence of devotion with their latest release, "Jago Jago Ram Lakhan." Following the success of their previous hit single, "Jagiye Raghunath Kunwar," the duo has embarked on a spiritual odyssey, aiming to release a total of nine soul-stirring devotional tracks.
Reflecting on the inspiration behind their musical creations, composer and singer Shivram Parmar shared insights into the genesis of their latest offering. "On the auspicious occasion of Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, we unveiled a heartfelt tribute to Lord Ram with 'Jagiye Raghunath Kunwar,' featuring the enchanting vocals of Raghunandan Panshikar," Parmar expressed. "Now, with 'Jago Jago Ram Lakhan,' we delve deeper into the realm of devotion, infusing traditional lyrics with the voice of Lopita Mishra, and my music. It's a humble offering to the resurgence of devotion sweeping our nation."
The duo's commitment to spiritual expression extends beyond individual tracks, with plans to release a total of nine devotional masterpieces. Parmar shed light on their ambitious project, stating, "Our vision encompasses a diverse range of devotional tracks, blending traditional and Marathi influences. With the support of SM Records and producer Sanjeev Doshi, we aim to captivate audiences with an array of melodies that resonate with the soul."
The forthcoming releases feature a lineup of esteemed vocalists, including Lopita Mishra, Ashwari Patwardhan, and the talented Raghunandan Panshikar, alongside Shivram Parmar himself. Each track promises to evoke a sense of reverence and spirituality, inviting listeners on a transcendent musical journey.
As "Jago Jago Ram-Lakhan" and its predecessors ascend the charts with rapid momentum, Shivram Parmar and SM Records stand poised to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of devotional music. With their unwavering dedication to artistic excellence and spiritual devotion, the duo continues to inspire and uplift audiences, one melodious offering at a time. As devotees across the nation unite in celebration, their divine musical journey serves as a beacon of light, guiding hearts towards the eternal embrace of faith and harmony. 

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