Vision And Experience Translate Into Story Says Abhishek Bajaj

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Posted On: Monday, May 20, 2024

Actor Abhishek Bajaj, known for his varied and versatile roles, believes that a writer translate his vision and experience into a story. 
Abhishek Bajaj believes the true hero is the writer. Reflecting on the importance of writing, on the sidelines of a fashion show in Mumbai, he shared, "Everyone has a vision and experience, and they want to narrate that vision and experience through story. Every writer and director has a thought process, and in whatever space the writer has more experience, he will show that. All I am trying to say is that every story has a hero, and that hero is the writer. A writer is trying to imagine himself in the story."
Bajaj, known for his versatile roles, emphasizes the importance of resonating with the characters he portrays. " Even I try and pick stories, where I can resonate myself and relate it with myself. I also try and pick something new from my previous release. I played a student in SOTY 2, then I played cross-fit champion, then I played a soft and mild-mannered software engineer, and now Chakku Pandey.” 
His latest show, "Namacool," has captured the audience's attention, trending at the number one spot. Bajaj describes his character, Chakku Pandey, as a fearless yet vulnerable senior in college from Uttar Pradesh.
Namacool is helmed by Ritam Srivastav, the series also stars Hina Khan, Abhinav Sharma, Faisal Malik, Anushka Kaushik, Satish Badal, Sakshi Mhadolkar, Aaron Arjun Koul and more.


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