Kshiti Suvarna's short film 'Hide & Seek' selected for Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2024

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Posted On: Monday, April 29, 2024

A significant achievement for Indian cinema is the 20-year-old debut director, Karen Kshiti Suvarna's short film "Hide & Seek" to be showcased at the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.  The film, which deals with schizophrenia and its severe consequences, is a 10-minute independent short that delves into the issues of depression, public suicides, and societal homicides stemming from schizophrenia.

Karen Kshiti Suvarna, recognized for her craft and artistry, has directed the short film as an independent venture for her exploration of filmmaking. The film unfolds a gripping narrative around the subject of schizophrenia and its intense impacts on individuals and society. The young director has described the 10-minute short as a poignant message about the anguish and suffering caused by schizophrenia and the need for understanding and empathy.

The short film has been produced in collaboration with Visica Films & FMD Productions, with Mohan and Manu Gorur joining as co-producers. Anil Kumar handles the cinematography, and the musical composition comes from the talented Tutul, a recipient of the National Award for Best Music.

Notably, "Hide & Seek" has already been shortlisted & showcased at several international film festivals, with Cannes World Film Festival being the most prominent one. The film has received acclaim for its portrayal of the modern-day scourge of schizophrenia and the societal impact of the mental health condition.

Director Karen Kshiti Suvarna is now preparing to submit the film to the Academy Awards and BAFTA for consideration. The film is expected to be a strong contender for representing India in the Best Short Film category at the prestigious film awards.

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