Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos has been betting on sports professionally for the past 23 years. His resume speak NCAA Vintage Clothings for itself: He has documented on his Twitter account the numerous times he’s been kicked out of sports books for winning too much. He bets on everything, but his most profitable sports are col


Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos has been betting on sports professionally for the past 23 years. His resume speaks for itself: He has documented on his Twitter account the numerous times he’s been kicked out of sports books for winning too much. He bets on everything, but his most profitable sports are college football and college basketball. 

You might think that Kyrollos watches every second of every game diligently to find his edge. But you would be mistaken. He’s seen a couple of the games during the NCAA Tournament and found himself rooting for St. Peter’s like the rest of us. Those are the exceptions. For the most part, he doesn’t even watch the games he’s betting on anymore. 

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“I kind of fell out of love with sports a long time ago,” Kyrollos told The Sporting News. “I’m not really into watching games. You kind of get immune to [fandom]. You don’t really have favorite teams. You’re betting whatever the value is.” 

Kyrollos confessed that he usually doesn’t even know more than a single name of a player on the teams that he is betting. He does Catholic University Cardinals shirt n’t need to in order to win. 

“Most amateur sports bettors think that knowledge of sports trends will automatically translate to profitable sports betting,” Kyrollos said. “This also happens in the media as well. You have ex-NFL players doing analysis and then also giving picks on who they like to cover the spread. But these are two very unique and distinct skills. Just because you know sports doesn’t mean you’re adept at sports betting.

“What I do know is what the lines are worth, what the math behind the lines are. You have to know what the vigorish is (Vigorish is the percentage of the bet that a sports book takes for profit), how much each half-point is worth on the spread, when to use different techniques in order to be able to turn that bookmaker’s adva College Football Playoff shirt ntage and flip it into your advantage.” 

For Kyrollos and many other professional sports bettors, the mark of a sharp bettor is that ability to consistently get closing line value. Lines are moving all day, and your bets should be more advantageous than if you had placed them right before they closed. 

“Let’s just UNC vs. Duke Rivalry Gear say I bet the Knicks +5 at 10 a.m., and they go down to +3 by 7 p.m.,” Kyrollos said. “I’m still getting my +5 so I have an advantage. Focus on trying to beat the closing line and you will win in the long run.”

In Kyrollos’ example, the Knicks would have to lose by fewer than five points for him to win his bet that he placed that morning. They would have to lose by fewer than three if he had placed that same bet later in the day. His morning bet therefore beat the closing line. 

So how does one learn how to get closing line value? Kyrollos has honed it through decades of experience. Unfortunately, there aren’t any million-dollar shortcuts. 

Much of learning how to bet successfully involves developing pattern recognition skills. Kyrollos estimates that his team of around 10 employees spends 13 hours p Michigan vs. Ohio State Rivalry Jerseys er day in front of a computer screen analyzing line movements. He’s also used his background of studying computer science in c Belmont Abbey Crusaders shirt ollege to automate programs to assist him.

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Another more bottom-up approach to winning in sports betting would be to build a model to predict the outcome of games. Math and programming experts can use past performance data to handicap lines themselves, then see where their models differentiate from the odds offered by sports books. 

For the more amateur, or “square” bettors, there are some less time-consuming tricks of the trade to help you perform better with your bets. 

First, it’s important to know what not to do. Anyone can be a self-proclaimed betting expert, and it’s important to be able to weed out good information from bad. Touts, or people who try to sell picks, are rarely trustworthy.

“If somebody is selling something, most likely they’re a con. Not in all c Florida vs. Georgia Rivalry Jerseys ases but in most cases,” Kyrollos said. “You have to ask yourself, is this person a professional bettor? If they are, why do they need my $50 or $100 when they’re betting sports professionally? Are they really losing sports bettors disguised as pros? And is this business financing their addiction, which is most likely the case.” 

Another big red flag is bragging about completely unsustainable winning records.

“The best pros in the world are happy at 55 or 56 percent wins, which is a monster earn,” Kyrollos said. “You can have a great life. Anything above these numbers, I would be wary of.” 

Finding an honest tout to give you picks may be close to impossible. But the information on how to teach yourself how to make sharp picks is out there. 

In Kyrollos’ “Be Better Bettors” podcast, you won’t hear picks. But you will hear stories from some of the most respected names in the sports-betting world about how they came up in the industry. Kyrollos doesn’t make money off the podcast (he’s turned down sponsorships), and the releases are sporadic. His motivation is to give back to the betting community. 

Kyrollos also recommends “The Complete Book of Sports Betting” by Jack Moore, which he read to get his start. The one big piece that he took from it was the importance of line-shopping. He recommends learning that skill as the quickest way for novices to improve.

“Have accounts at 10, 15 different sports books. And if you’re going to be College Cold Weather Jerseys t a team, look through all the books and get the best price,” Kyrollos said. “Most people are lazy. They’re like, no, I’m just going to play FanDuel because that’s the book that I play. It takes a little bit of effort, but shopping really reaps its rewards.” 

The other easy way for beginner bettors to vastly increase their chances of winning is to take heavy advantage of the promotions that sports books offer to new customers. Caesar’s recently offered what Kyrollos called “an insane” $5,000 free bet to new customers, for example. Many books offer other forms of free bets, deposit matching and bonuses that they take at a loss in exchange for customer acquisition. 

“There are professional groups that travel all around the country that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars taking advantage of these promotions as they launch in new states,” Kyrollos said. “You just got to do a ton of legwork. It’s a short-term earn to build up a bankroll. I’m at a point right now where I’m looking for more long-term plays, but I’m not going to knock anyone for doing it.” 

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Another way to hammer out an advantage is to pay attention to breaking injury news and get bets down during the short window that they stay on the board. Kyrollos coded a program to go through Twitter, blogs and other news sources and do the work of 25 or Alabama State Hornets clothes 30 people. But it’s possible for amateurs to do the same thing at a much smaller scale.

“If you read a lot [of injury news] and have a team,” Kyrollos said, “you will be able to beat the sports books.” 

Kyrollos said that learning to place winning bets is the easy part of any professional sports bettor’s job. The hard part is finding out how to prevent getting kicked o Clarkson Golden Knights NCAA Spirit Jerseys Jerseys ut once you start winning. We will cover those travails in Part Two of our conversation and explain how professional bettors are being frozen out of sports books across the country. 

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