Rohit Saraf Expresses Gratitude to Shahid Kapoor for "Ishq Vishk Rebound" Opportunity

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Posted On: Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bollywood's rising star Rohit Saraf has expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards Shahid Kapoor for paving the way with the original "Ishq Vishk," as he steps into the franchise with "Ishq Vishk Rebound." The young actor, who recently attended the launch of the film's title track "Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar" in Mumbai, shared his thoughts on being part of such an iconic legacy.
Despite the inevitable comparisons to Shahid Kapoor, who became a household name with his performance in "Ishq Vishk," Rohit Saraf revealed that he feels no pressure. Instead, he is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the beloved franchise. Addressing the media at the song launch, Rohit said, "I feel more than the pressure being part of this legacy, I feel a lot of gratitude, because I feel that this is an opportunity that not many people get, and I don’t want to dilute that by putting unwanted pressure on myself."
Rohit emphasized that "Ishq Vishk Rebound" is not a remake or a direct sequel to the original film. "People talk about pressure all the time, I feel like maybe I should take some pressure, but honestly, I haven’t felt the pressure, because it’s not a remake of the first 'Ishq Vishk,' it is not a sequel of the first 'Ishq Vishk.' The only thing common between the two films is that they belong to the same franchise. It is a new story altogether; it is a love story about Gen-Z, it talks about things which Gen-Z go through, and that is why it is exciting," he explained.
Rohit also acknowledged the buzz on social media and the recurring questions about filling Shahid Kapoor's shoes. However, his focus remains on appreciating the chance he has been given. "Even I am aware of the comments on social media, ever since the teaser and song were released, even during the interview I am asked if I feel the pressure, maybe now I will think about it and feel some pressure, but so far, it’s been an insane amount of gratitude, to the universe, to the producers, and I am very happy to be doing this, that’s all there is to it," he added.
On the personal front, Rohit mentioned that he hasn't had the opportunity to meet Shahid Kapoor yet but is eager for the chance. He conveyed a message to Shahid, "No, I haven’t had the chance to interact with Shahid Kapoor, but I would love to, so Shahid sir, if you’re watching this I am going to wait for the day to speak with you, because I want to say thank you."
"Ishq Vishk Rebound" features a fresh ensemble cast including Pashmina Roshan, Jibraan Khan, and Naila Grewal. Directed by Nipun Avinash Dharmadhikari and produced by Ramesh Taurani and Jaya Taurani, the film is set to hit theaters on June 21, 2024.

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