Finding a True Fan is as Prestigious as an Oscar Says Poonam Pandey

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Posted On: Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Poonam Pandey recently expressed her immense gratitude and joy after meeting a dedicated fan who travelled a long distance to personally present her with a hand-drawn portrait in Mumbai. 
Pandey graciously accepted the portrait and promised to share the fan's story on her social media, stating, "This really means a lot to me, I am going to post this on my social media, and I will make sure to tag you, thank you so much for it."
In an interaction with the media, Pandey compared receiving the portrait to winning an Oscar, emphasizing the significance of having a true fan. She said, "This is no less than an Oscar. I think I have earned something in my life. This feels good, it’s been 12 years since I have been in this industry." She further added, "This is probably the most difficult thing to earn, you can make a lot in life, you can earn every damn thing in life but earning a true fan is really difficult. And if you could that, it means you have done right with your life."
Pandey also addressed the recent controversy surrounding her, where she faked her death to raise awareness about cervical cancer. The stunt backfired and led to significant backlash on social media. When questioned about any regrets, Pandey stated, "No, I didn’t feel any guilt, I felt bad that people couldn’t see the larger picture, it was to save lives of many, but I did get phone calls later, when people understood it. I got a call from Babita Phogat. So yeah, I did something good."

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