Sameeksha Sud Slam Bigg Boss OTT Team And Armaan Malik Over Vishal Pandey’ Getting Slapped

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Posted On: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Prominent content creator Sameeksha Sud slams the Bigg Boss OTT 3 team for being biased and Armaan Malik for slapping Vishal Pandey.
Sameeksha Sud, known for her collaborations with Vishal Pandey and her active presence in the digital space, expressed strong dissatisfaction with how the show's management and Armaan Malik were handling the fallout from the altercation. 
“I feel it was wrong, it shouldn’t have happened, but it happened, and yet no action was taken against him, making it a totally unfair decision.”  
“Now it feels like a biased decision, I mean I don’t think I am the only one who feels it that way, even the audience is feeling that this is biased, it shouldn’t have happened, and if they couldn’t throw him out then, they can do it right now” added Sameeksha.
The controversy began when Vishal Pandey allegedly made comments about Armaan Malik's wife, Kritika Malik, leading to a heated confrontation that resulted in physical violence.
Moreover, Sameeksha Sud criticized what she perceived as a double standard in how society reacts to violence based on gender. She added, “If it happens with a female, the reaction is different, and if it happens with male, the reaction is different, I mean our society is such. When something wrong happens with a male, people don’t think something wrong has been committed, it is only wrong when it happens with females, this is wrong. He is getting targeted for wrong reasons, things are being forcefully interpreted, this is wrong.”  
The controversy has stirred considerable debate on social media platforms, with fans and viewers of Bigg Boss OTT sharing their opinions on the incident and the subsequent reactions. 

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