Qaid – No Wayyy Out Teaser Is Out

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Posted On: Monday, February 12, 2024

After winning the Cannes Film Festival Best LGBTQ Film in 2023,  Filmmaker Sonia W Kohli's cinematic endeavour, "Qaid – No Wayyy Out" is ready for India release. The first official teaser for the movie is out. 
The film is set to ignite conversations and challenge societal norms with its raw portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community's struggles. Starring an ensemble cast including Tai Khan, Mohinder Mohan Kohli, Ashwini Kinhikar, Ashish Datta, Sonia Goswami, and Khalid Mehmood. 
Set against the vibrant backdrop of London, "Qaid – No Wayyy Out'' promises to be a compelling narrative inspired by true events. Director Sonia W Kohli delves into the complexities of LGBTQ+ experiences, shedding light on the pervasive discrimination and marginalisation faced by individuals within the community.
Talking about the film, writer and director Sonia said, “The title itself, "Qaid," meaning 'captivity' or 'imprisonment' in Urdu, encapsulates the theme of the film. I have put a lot of effort into making it as sensitive as I can, and my film doesn’t aim to victimise anyone, be it any gender. It’s my attempt to start a conversation that can start the chain reaction of change.”
“LGBTQ+ individuals often find themselves metaphorically imprisoned by societal expectations and prejudices, struggling to find acceptance and liberation within a world that seeks to confine them” added Sonia. 
Through the lens of authentic storytelling, "Qaid" confronts the harsh realities and challenges confronting LGBTQ+ individuals as they navigate a society rife with stigma and judgement. 
Produced by Kunishka Productions Ltd, the trailer for the film will be out soon, it is slated for 23rd Feb 2024 release.

Check Out The Teaser:

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