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Zee tv's Fear files to see Dolphin Dwivedi in it.

Harsha Masand | September, 11 2015

Actress Dolphin Dwivedi, who plays the role of Aabha in Colors’ Udann will now feature in a total filmy entertainer of a story in Zee TV’s Fear Files.

Produced by Bodhi Tree Productions, the story will revolve around a married lady and a mother to a girl, Maithili (Dolphin) who will have to go through the tough task of seeing her husband use their own daughter as a pawn for his black magic activities. In a zeal to kill his daughter and give her ‘bali’, the man will be about to commit the crime when Maithili will come and stop him, and in the process will end up killing her own husband. Later, the guy as a spirit will get back into their lives, and will start to haunt his daughter and will be waiting for that very moment when he can snatch her aatma out of her body and kill her. The story will then revolve around the mother’s genuine intentions of saving her daughter’s life from her dead husband.

When contacted, Dolphin told us, “Yes, this is a very tough role wherein I will need to portray various kinds of emotions. And it is a challenge in itself to be part of the horror shows.”

This episodic story will air this weekend.


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