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Women in glamorous professions are not easy prey, states MTV Big F Season 2

News Helpline | April, 22 2017

When you see a woman strutting in high heels and a short skirt, what, as a man, would be your first reaction? That she’s an easy prey or she’s asking for it? That’s what women who are associated with glamorous jobs have to go through. Women working at media firms, fashion houses or let’s just say, women who are into cheerleading. What makes us think these women are easily available? Turns out these jobs are not as glamorous as they appear or rather all that glitters is not gold.

MTV Big F Season 2 will be revealing the bitter truth behind women associated with glamorous professions through the story of a cheerleader, Jhanvi, played by Krissan Barretto and the hardships she goes through in the male- dominated industry where she is considered ‘easy’ and ‘available’. Jhanvi comes from a small- town and is scandalized when she is faced with age- old prejudices about cheerleaders being easily available to cricketers. Tanmay, played by Ruslaan Mumtaz, is a cricketer who makes advances towards Jhanvi. Will Jhanvi be able to uplift people’s mind to a higher plane of thinking? Or will long- standing attitudes continue to cloud the vision of a male-dominated society? 

Sharing his thoughts on his comeback on MTV Big F Season 2, Ruslaan said, “I really like the concept of MTV Big F. It’s something on television that I find very unique. And as a concept MTV has done something really unique and interesting. When the first film was offered to me I was already very excited. The response that the episode garnered and the kind of story it was, when the second story was offered to me I just said yes even before I heard the story.”  

Commenting on the concept of the upcoming episode, Ruslaan added, “Being an actor I have interacted with so many actresses and have had close friends who are actresses, in fact my mother is also an actor, and these women might seem very glamorous in front of the camera. There are shoots and photos which are revealing but I know the real them. We all work because that’s our job but that’s not the real us. Even judging someone like a cheerleader because of dancing in skimpy clothes is a very wrong mentality to have and we need to change that. I think the youth of India is slowly rearing towards that. Slowly and steadily in a few years’ time women will be able to wear and dress however they want, without being judged.” Talking about the mentality of the men outside the industry, Ruslaan added, “People don’t judge women within the industry but I have friends who have no connection with the film industry, they think that these women are very easy and they have a misconception about them. Whenever I meet anybody, whatever interactions I have with them, I try to change their perception about the industry. But it’s not easy.”

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