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What happened on the sets of Killerr Karaoke?

Harsha Masand | April, 16 2015

The talented Roopal tyagi will be seen again on the TV screens after her debut stint as lead in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. 

Roopal recently shot for &TV’s reality show Killerr Karaoke (SOL Productions). However, her experience had sweet as well as sour moments. 

Sour? Why? Does this question come to your mind? 

Well, not only sour, in fact, Roopal was literally in tears before she could start shoot for the reality show.

Yes, you heard it right!!                                     

All began when she was told on the day of shoot that she had to perform a task with snakes (hisss)!!. This really frightened and shook Roopal from within, as she has always had a phobia for snakes. 

A source from the set of the show said, “Roopal got very scared, and was panting. She even started to cry when she was told of shooting with snakes. She was also heard telling Krushna Abhishek that she would not want to do this. To make it worse, Krushna brought a rubber snake inside the dressing room just to scare her.”

So did Roopal manage to shoot with a snake? 

Well, there was an anti-climax in store for Roopal!! And the girl got back all her smiles when she realized that the ‘snake task’ was just a prank played on her. 


When contacted, Roopal told us, “Yes, they frightened my life out by saying that I had to shoot with a snake. I have always been scared of snakes. Thankfully, all was just a prank and I had a hearty laugh about it at the end.”

All’s well that ends well!!

Roopal was asked to perform on the number Fevicol Ki Jod Se, by singing it in a very loud manner, and she did perform very well. 

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