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Weekend snippet | Bhanwar

Siddharth Dhongle | April, 11 2015

Dial M for Murder

The riveting twists and turns in ​Contiloe's ​popular courtroom drama Bhanwar is drawing in the viewers with its unique storytelling. 
This episode of Bhanwar is based on Seema who is devastated because she has been recently diagnosed with cancer and she is worried about the welfare of her children. She chances upon Vikrant who is also financially struggling to bring up his family. Seema and Vikrant hatch a plan to murder Vikrant to claim his insurance money.Unfortunately, Seema gets caught in the process and is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment only to realize that she has been tricked by Vikrant and his wife into believing that she has cancer and the murder.

Will Seema be able to prove her innocence and get justice.
Watch this drama unfold only on Sony TV’s Bhanwar on April 12 , 9:00 pm.. 

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