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Value of "freedom" to be showcased in Chidiya Ghar.

Harsha Masand | August, 18 2015

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) has always churned out interesting tracks which has been grabbing eyeballs of the audience.

And now, it’s time to learn some life lessons from the show.
We hear that in the upcoming track of Chidiya Ghar, Babuji will teach the value of freedom to everyone.

A source shared, “Gillu (Pratham Shetty) will be seen capturing a parrot and keeping the little one as his pet.

And everyone except for Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) will be seen supporting Gillu and taking care of the bird. But Babuji will be extremely irked with such behaviour and will be in favour of freeing the bird. When everyone will reject his plea, he will decide to teach the family members a lesson”.

So, what will be Babuji’s trick?

Well what we hear is that Babuji will lock everyone inside a room. Though he will provide food and water for them, he will not allow anyone to come outside the room. Initially everyone will like the arrangement but gradually they will get tired of it and will ask for their freedom.

At this point everyone will realize the value of freedom and will decide to free the parrot as well.

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