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&TV's Bhagyalakshmi to see Bhoomi help nuture her dream.

Harsha Masand | June, 15 2015

& TV’s show, Bhagyalakshmi (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will now operate on two major tracks, which will create a new curiosity factor for the audience.

On one hand, viewers will realize that Lata (Shweta Gautam) has a hidden talent, and that she has always been fond of personalizing bed sheets with her classic embroidery work. However, Lata would have suppressed her talent owing to
Bhabhimaa’s (Aruna Irani) ideologies and set discipline of women not going for work. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) will one fine day notice the talent in her mother-in-law Lata, and will encourage her to start her own business online.

As per a reliable source, “The story ahead will see a beautiful bonding developing between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Jodi of Lata and Bhoomi, wherein they both will start working together in setting up their online business without

Bhabhimaa’s knowledge. Lata will for the first time, muster enough courage to develop her skills, and will name her company as ‘Lataas’. She will also lie to Bhabhimaa about certain things, under the pretext of hiding her business ideas.”

While Lata and Bhoomi will get busy in the business, Suman (Ashita Dhawan) on the other hand, will get suspicious of their moves, and will decide to unravel their secret.

Meanwhile, yet another major intriguing track will open up of Bhabhimaa.

Our source confides, “Bhoomi will one day notice Bhabhima of all people, travelling hurriedly in an auto. She will soon realize that there is more to what Bhabhimaa is, and will start to feel that there is something mysterious about Bhabhimaa’s actions. Bhoomi will set out on a mission to find out what Bhabhimaa is hiding from her family.”

Will Lata and Bhoomi run their new business successfully without Bhabhimaa’s knowledge? Will Bhabhimaa’s secret come to the fore?

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