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Tv celebs Decodes the significance of 'Makar Sankranti'Tv celebs Decodes the significance of 'Makar Sankranti'

Sanyukta Thakare | January, 13 2018

India boasts of its colorful culture, beautiful heritage and inherent diverse traditions. Festivals add hugely to its pride and that makes it a land of festivals. Makar Sankrantis is one of the the festivals that marks good harvest. The festival is believed to confer prosperity and is celebrated all over the country in different cultural ways. Here we bring you how television celebrities enjoy the festival of kites. They share about the festival significance in their life.

Shubhangi Atre: The festival of Makar Sankranti is quite a beneficiary to health in multiple ways. The tradition of kite flying is for a healthy exposure in the early morning Sun. With great devotion, fervor and gaiety, with rays of joy and hope, Wishing a Happy makar sankranti.

Pearl V Puri: It is a festive day all over India. Each region celebrates its own local form of this festival. In the majority parts of India it is called the “Makar Sankranti” the festival bring springs and starts decorating the earth. As the sun starts northward journey. He makes all the happines of throughout this year. Happy Makar Sankranti!

Meghna Naidu: Makar sankranti brings new beginnings, the festival of kites and these initial rays which are healthy and a good source of Vitamin D. It is also considered to be good for skin and helps in fighting many infections and sickness caused by the chilly winter winds. I hope this harvest is the Best in the whole year and you Have lots of grains to earn profits. Happy Makar Sankranti!

Ashmit Patel: This is the day winter officially ends and spring begins – a transition symbolic of discarding the previous season’s bad and the beginning of a fresh new season. May the Makar Sankranti fire burns all the moments of sadness and brings you the warmth of joy and happiness and love. Very Happy Prosperous Makar Sankranti!

Helly Shah: Makar Sankranti, is important and beautiful. The way everyone becomes grounded, and donates help to need is lovely about the day. The entire city – with friends, families and relatives, neighbours gathered on rooftops. Everyone is seen engaged in a kite flying frenzy. Its a fine celebration day. Happy Prosperous Makar Sankranti!

Gaurav Khanna: As Makar Sankranti is one of the oldest solstice festivals and falls on the equinox, day and night on this day are believed to be equally long. Post the festival, it is officially the beginning of spring or the onset of Indian summer and the days become longer, and nights shorter. May all the sweet magic Of Makar Sankranti conspire, To gladen your hearts.

Tanya Sharma: Makar Sankranti brings lots of happiness and good health for everyone. Its a festival of kites as flying kites exposes the people to warmth of the sun. As the sun starts its northward movement, its rays are believed to cure the many diseases and bring in health gains. The sunrays act as a healer to the dryness and infections brought in by winters. In addition people while flying kites unveil themselves to the sun’s rays thereby eliminating infections. Happy Makar Sankranti.

Manish Goplani: Makar Sankranti, the festival is predominantly a harvest festival and is celebrated throughout India, from north to south and east to west. While Makar Sankranti is most popular in West India, down south, the festival is known as Pongal and in the north, it is celebrated as Lohri. Complete India celebrates the day and the glory of Indian agriculture. Happy Makar Sankranti.

Mahika Sharma: Makar Sankranti is the festival of kindness and glory of harvesting. While distributing sweets, everyone is asked to spread joy around. Also, since the festival falls in winter, eating of sesame and jaggery is considered beneficial to health as they are warm foods. Thus, it is specifically this sweet that's distributed as it signifies bonding and good health. Happy Sankranti.

Roop Durgapal: Sankranti, the festival of the Sun bring greater knowledge and wisdom and light up us for the entire year. It's very exciting being in midst of all these festivities, seeing the kites soar, blanketing the crisp winter sky in so many colors. Happy Sankranti! 

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