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This Pateti Rushad Rana wishes success of his film

Siddharth Dhongle | August, 18 2015

When the Parsis all around the world celebrate their new year seeking blessings for a wonderful year ahead, actor Rushad Rana seeks blessings for his upcoming film.

Defining the meaning of Patati, the TV actor says,  "The Parsi New Year, like every other New Year, signifies a new beginning. It is the best time to renew your vows to yourself and correct the mistakes you have made in the last year."

Rushad still remembers his lovely childhood memories of celebrating Pateti with his entire family including his parents, grandpa and masi's family meeting up, spending the entire day together eating, drinking and making merry.

Though this time Rushad has something more to look forward to than delicious delicacies. "This time I will have a quiet meal with my parents," says Rushad "It's a very special year for me as my first ever English film 'Path of Zarathushtra' is ready to be released on 4th September. I am very excited about it. If there is one wish which can be granted this new year, I will ask for the success of my film."

According to Rushad, the best thing about Pateti is the joyous atmosphere, people all around meeting and greeting each other warmly and meeting everyone in the family. Pateti provides an amazing time to bond with the loved ones

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