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The reason why Rahasya became Deepa Sannidhi,

News Helpline | January, 01 2012

When Sandalwood actress Deepa Sannidhi made her debut, she was seen as the hot new thing on the market, with films opposite stars like Darshan and Puneeth Rajkumar. But subsequently, there was a lull, with rumours suggesting that the actress had hiked her remuneration, much to the displeasure of filmmakers. While Deepa doesn't deny this, arguing that she has a certain market value, she also adds that she is very choosy about her work, signing up for only those scripts that excite her. And her upcoming film Sakkare, opposite Golden Star Ganesh, is one such. "The role is very interesting, because it has shades of all the characters I have played so far," says the actress.
She also lets us in on a little — known fact — that Deepa isn't her birth name. "My name is Rahasya, but I changed it to Deepa a little before my foray into films. My mother suggested that I change my name, and I agreed to it," she says and adds, "The idea of a name change was discussed at home for a long time before we finally made the decision. It got delayed only because I was not willing to do it initially. I did not change my name for the sake of a career in films." 
But having been addressed as Rahasya until college, was it difficult to adjust to a new name all of a sudden? "Yes. Initially, it was a little confusing and I wouldn't respond to 'Deepa' quickly, but I got used to it. It just takes a little conditioning, that's all," says the actress, adding that she is still listed as Rahasya in all her official documents.

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