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Tejaswini :I will be essaying an obedient young girl

Harsha Masand | February, 28 2015

Sanskaar famed actress Tejaswini Prakash Wayangakar, who will soon be seen in upcoming Colors show Swaragini (Rashmi Sharma Productions), is nowadays developing a taste for Bengali foods.

The actress, who recently paid a visit to the city of joy for the shooting of her upcoming daily, enjoyed some street food of the city and authentic Bengali cuisine, which has made her drool over Bong cuisine.

When we caught up with the actress, she chatted, “After my visit to Kolkata, I have now developed a taste for Bengali food. During my visit, I have tasted street foods like Fuchka, Rolls and other foods. Being a hard core non-vegetarian I have definitely enjoyed some authentic non-veg cuisines”.

Set in Kolkata, Tejaswi’s character will be of a traditional Marwari girl, who will be obedient to her grandmother and father.

Speaking about her character, she said, “I will be essaying an obedient young girl who will be concerned about her family and love them dearly. Though she will curious about the reason behind the fight between her and Swara’s family, she will never question her elders about it.”

Her character Ragini will also be seen as an individual trained in classical music and Sitar. And Tejaswi herself being a trained singer commented, “As I am trained in classical music I did not have to put much effort. Moreover, the city, in which the show is set against, is known for its cultural heritage, so, it was a fine experience all together”.

Tejaswi also candidly added that doing another serial on Colors after Sanskaar is like homecoming for her.

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