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T.V actress Samaira Rao got scared during a film shoot!

News Helpline | June, 30 2014

Well, we have heard about lots of hunted places and spooky stories, some of us have also experienced it, but when it comes to the Telly-Town or B-town, things get more scarier, well we know that industries is known for creating a haunted experience through T.V series and Films, but what if the Makers sees for it themselves while shoot ?

We are talking about Samaira Rao, the actress, who is have done the show like ‘Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage’ and ‘Crime Patrol’  would entering in B-town with a film, ‘Tum West’.

During the shoot, Samaira had experienced most haunted and spooky thing which is quite difficult to believe.
The film that's to be a horror thriller was being shot on 70 acres of secluded land. All was well till the team came in front of the camera to see their performance and noticed a few trees and structures that did not exist in front of their eyes.

Interestingly, the team could see it on the camera every time they shot a scene, and the scenario did scare the beautiful Samaira.

Actress confirmed, "We did experience spirits and structures that did not exist off the camera. It was really spooky but luckily nobody was harmed and we continued shooting,"

The unit of the film is all set to visit this haunted land for their second schedule. When asked if she is skeptical about going to the place yet again the actress said, "They did not harm us plus the shoot has to be completed. So, I'll be going there."

Well, we that’s quite a brave Samaira.  

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