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SRK asks Rithvik and Karan to be saans-bahu jodi

Harsha Masand | March, 25 2015

The duo who were part of Shah Rukh Khan’s popular show India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun(Big Synergy) recently were in a fix when the host grilled them on the topic of daily shows.

You have seen the popular actors Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Wahi perform on various daily shows. and also seen them host a many. But now it’s time for the actors to showcase their ‘saas-bahu- acting abilities.

Shared an eye witness from the shoot that happened recently.
Shah Rukh asked how many of among the audiences watch the saas-bahu serials, to which both Rithvik and Karan raised their hands and said “We’re forced to watch them.”

Shah Rukh to this shot back “I don’t really watch them, so I need you both to act for me.”

The sporting Rithvik then threw a green dupatta on him becoming the ‘saas’ and Karan the ‘bahu.’ Shah Rukh himself became the hero, asking them both to convince him to have their home cooked food.

Both Rithvik and Karan rushed up to the door when Shah Rukh rang the bell, desperate to receive him first. They threw themselves on Shah Rukh buttering him to get him to eat the food made for him. Finally, Shah Rukh broke through their custody, convinced that neither one has really cooked anything for him. With a backpack in his hands, he smiled to add, “Fortunately I got some pizza home.”

But as Shah Rukh asked for a break, Rithvik lifted him up and carried him with him.

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