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Special Event for Independence day by BIG MAGIC!

News Helpline | August, 13 2014

Catch the witty duo Akbar and his minister Birbal showcasing the importance of Freedom in their own unique way on 14th – 15th August at 9pm

We are all born  free. Today more  than ever before,  this is  true. Maybe  that is why we have begun  taking  our  freedom  for  granted.    Taking  from  this  thought,  Emperor  Akbar  and  his  witty  aide Birbal decide  to  take on  the  task of creating awareness and showcasing  the importance of ‘Freedom’.

For  the  first  time on  television, viewers will see  their  favorite duo donning new avatars on India’s one stop  destination  for  Humor  -  BIG  MAGIC’s  Har  Mushkil  Ka  Hal  Akbar  Birbal  on  Thursday  and  Friday 14th and 15th August, at 9pm!

As the episode unfolds, the entire kingdom will be seen rejoicing Jashn- e- Azadi, a joyous moment that the entire country celebrates every year as a mark of respect for winning a glorious war 90 years ago.

While the countrymen are seen celebrating, Emperor Akbar is miffed not only about the wastage that takes place in terms of resources but his anger get further fueled seeing the casual attitude of the his men. On the other while Akbar is disturbed about  the whole scenario, Salim and Vasu along with  their  courtiers ridicule the celebration as he believes that the war has not fetched them enough gold or property and has only brought misery and poverty in their country. In Akbar’s eyes all the countrymen have forgotten the most prized possession  that  they  received  from  the war  that was ‘Freedom’. To  teach everyone a hard lesson, Akbar and Birbal jointly take on the vital task of making the people realize their ignorance.

Dressed in roman avtaars, both of them are now out on a mission to set things straight, but comically. What  is  the  plan? Will  the  subjects  realize  their  folly  or will  the emperor and  his minister  come  back empty handed.

Featuring  some  of  the  best  in  comedy  and  television  entertainment,  Har Mushkil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal is a  fresh, comic  take on  the much-loved childhood  folktales. The  first in  the genre of Historical  Comedy, Akbar  Birbal  has  captured  the audience’s imagination with its  delightful  storyline and  stellar cast featuring Kiku Sharda, Delnaz Irani, Vishal Kotian and Kishwar Merchant. Aired on BIG MAGIC at 9pm, the show has received a lot of adulation  from  fans and critics alike. Over social media, there has been an outpouring of praise for the well-crafted script, the actors’ quick comic timing and their unique chemistry.

Don’t miss the rib-tickling episode of Har Muskhil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal at 9pm Thursday 14th only on India’s one stop destination for Humour – BIG MAGIC

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