Sat, 02 Dec, 2023
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Shocking: Double elimination: Karan Nath and Ridhima Pandit are evicted from Bigg Boss OTT!

Ravi Sharma | August, 23 2021

For some contestants in the Bigg Boss OTT house, it was not very difficult to adjust or understand the game. But for some it took almost 2 weeks to know how the game works. And it was unfortunate for Karan and Ridhima that by the time they understood the game, the audience had decided to eliminate them.

While the contestants and the audience expected one contestant to say tata-bye-bye, host Karan Johar shocked everyone by saying that the audience had voted for a connection, and not just one contestant. In the second Sunday Ka Vaar, KJo made it extremely clear that #StayingConnected is going to be of utmost importance.

Well, keeping the game aside, all the contestants were emotional knowing that one of the best, sweet, and most adorable connection of the house will not be there around anymore. Divya who was very close to Karan, seemed awfully sad. Now that 3 contestants are out of the house, the remaining 10 contestants and 5 connections really need to buckle up and ensure that they are truly entertaining the audience and winning their hearts each day.

Stay tuned to @Voot @VootSelect to how what consequence the second Sunday Ka Vaar had!

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