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Shiny Doshi suffers heat stroke!

Fatima Raheem | April, 16 2016

Shootings in summers are pain and very difficult to handle especially outdoor shoots.

With heavy make-up and costumes, actors really have to go through a lot of torture to justify their characters and to keep the fans entertained.

And one such actress is Shiny Doshi who has suffered a heat stroke while shooting outdoors for her show, 'Sarojini' on Zee TV.

Infact, the actress fainted twice on the sets of her show.

When contacted Shiny stated, "It is really difficult shooting outdoors during Summers. I love shooting outdoors in a pleasant weather, but when it is around 40 degrees, you get fully tired and exhausted. That's what exactly happened to me. Above that, it was an emotional sequence that required me to put a lot of glycerine, it was a total headache for me. I was continuously vomiting and couldn't eat anything. It was a tough time but then I do take precautions to prevent myself from such situations."

"The important thing to keep in mind is avoiding quick transition of weather, as people tend to directly sit in the AC room after just bearing the scorching heat outside. This leads to an unbalance in the control of the body. Also, I have a Kacha Keri Juice that keeps me hydrated throughout the day," signs off the actress with an advise for her fans.

Get well soon Shiny and definitely we will follow your tips!

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