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"Shikkan",The new show on Zindagi

Harsha Masand | February, 27 2015

Zindagi brings to you Shikkan – a powerful and complex story about sibling rivalry and how it can make or break a family. A story that promises to leave a lasting impact on its viewers.

Shikkan that premiers on Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 at 9:00pm, is a gripping story that focuses on the relationship between two sisters Zeb and Natasha whose fierce sibling rivalry drives a wedge of hatred between them that leads to their eventual destruction. The cast includes well-known and celebrated actors like Adeel Hussain, Amina Sheikh Shamim Hillaly, Wasay Chaudry, Parveen Akbar and Muhammad Ahmed to name a few. The show will also see Mira Sethi playing Natasha and Daniyal Raheal essaying the character of Bilal making their debut on Zindagi.

Zeb, played by the extremely talented and versatile Aamina Sheikh, is the elder daughter of the family and the more matured and responsible of the two sisters. Asides from being incredibly beautiful, Zebis multi-talented and is able to balance both her career and her household responsibilities which makes her well-liked by everyone except her sister. There is a deep sibling rivalry between Zeb and her younger sister Natasha.

Debutant Mira Sethi plays the role of Natasha, the jealous and immature younger sister to Zeb. Natasha is an educated upper class but lazy sit-at-home-by-choice woman. Natasha has never worked a day in her life and post marriage too she lives like a princess taking great offense if asked to work at home. Natasha’s dominant traits are her seething jealousy and anger towards her sister Zeb – who she feels has always been the favored one by everyone. Sheis a smart and smooth talking woman. Her sole focus is bringing her sister down so that she may win over her and for that she goes to unimaginable heights and even resorts to using black magic.

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