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Shamin Mannan back in shape!

Fatima Raheem | April, 10 2016

Gorgeous actress Shamin Mannan of 'Love Shagun' fame who had to put on a lot of weight for the movie has lost ample of weight and is finally back in shape.

When contacted Shamin stated,  “It is true that I have lost oodles of weight. In fact, I have lost nearly 8 kgs in the month of March alone. As you know, I had to put on weight for my movie Love Shagun, and could not get time for myself as I got busy with its promotions. I made a decision to lose weight in early March. And you can see the result now.”

Talking about her work out regime, she states, “I was completely on a strict diet. I consumed food with very little calories. Also, I got into a strict work out regime which included functional training. I used to run for nearly 5 km every day. And in just a month’s time, I lost 8 kgs.”

So what's next?

“Well, I am open to both movies and TV. Having said this, I have always had a great experience on TV in terms of popularity and money. So I am more inclined towards TV. However, if I get a good role in a movie, I will definitely take it up,” signs off the actress.

All the best Shamin!

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