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Sarojini to escape with Soumendra to Delhi in Zee TV's Sarojini

Harsha Masand | October, 12 2015

Drama never ceases on Zee TV’s Sarojini (Rashmi Sharma Productions), especially after the dramatic entry of Manisha (Aanchal Khurana) as the second wife of Soumendra (Mohit Sehgal).

Well, last week saw Sarojini (Shiny Doshi) escaping the clutches of death and getting on time to the hospital to see a recuperating Soumendra.

This week, the drama will intensify as Sarojini will decide to keep her husband away from Manisha’s eyes. Hence she will plot a plan to take Soumendra secretively to Delhi, out of the entire mess. However, Manisha’s constant vigil over Saorjini will create problems for them to elope.

So will Sarojini be successful in taking Soumendra to Delhi?
As per a reliable source, “Sarojini will sneak out of the hospital with Soumendra in the wee hours of the night. But Manisha would get a sniff of things, and will come to the hospital at the right time. But Sarojini will manage to outsmart Manisha and escape from the hospital, and will get on route to Delhi in the ambulance with Soumendra.”

But trouble will again return in the form of Manisha, as she will block the road ahead and try to stop the ambulance.

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