Thu, 28 Sep, 2023
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Sab Tv's chidiya Ghar to see "Money trouble" for Kapi in it.

Harsha Masand | August, 21 2015

After Independence Day special, makers of SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Production) to come up with an interesting track around Kapi played by Saraansh Verma. 

Yes, in the coming episodes, Kapi will find a bag full of money on the road. And the amount will be a whopping 50 lakh.
Happy Kapi will hence take the bag and start preparing a list of things that he can gift to his family members. He would shop and spend the entire money.

On the other side, Chidiya Ghar family will also be happy seeing so many gifts in the house.

But the happiness would not stay for a long!

A man would get to know about Kapi taking away his money and he would happen to be a famous goon. Hence he would go to
Chidiya Ghar and ask Kapi to pay back his money.

Now Kapi would have already spent whole amount. How would he repay and how he gets out of the situation is for viewers to watch.

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