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Revealed: The culprit in Suhani Si Ek Ladki.

Harsha Masand | January, 15 2016

The real cuplrit has been revealed in Suhani Si ek ladki.

Star Plus’ popular show, Suhani Si Ek Ladki (Panorama Entertainment) has been seeing court room drama at its best, with Gauri (Ekroop Bedi) charging Suhani’s father Pankaj of molesting her.

However, the case has been taking interesting turns, with Krishna (Ankur Verma) coming under the spotlight as the probable suspect. However, with Krishna now being proven as innocent, the case will take a new shift in the coming days.

As per a source, “Gauri would be asked by the lawyer to identify the culprit, by setting up an ambience similar to that in her house. A dim light would be put up, with five men standing at a distance wearing the same kind of shirt. And the lawyer will ask
Gauri t point out at the culprit. And there will come a shocker when Gauri will show her finger at one person.”

We hear that Aditya (Vikas Grover) will come under the radar, with Gauri pointing towards him. And when the light will be put on, Gauri herself will be shocked and scared to have shown her husband as the culprit.

However, this will bring about a new angle to the case, wherein atleast few in the family will start to wonder whether Aditya is the culprit.

Is Aditya the real culprit?          

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