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Republic Day Quotes by SET Artist

| January, 24 2014

Kirti Nagpure as Nandini from Desh Ki Beti Nandini

I am proud to be an Indian. As a kid, I remember being part of the school assembly, seeing the flag being hoisted and singing the National Anthem. I want to wish every Indian a very happy Republic Day! Jai hind!

Raafi Malik as Rajveer from Desh Ki BetiNandini

Different languages, different states, different cities but one vision, one identity and one nation make us all Indians. I am proud to be an Indian!! My message to the entire nation would be to spread love, prosperity, freedom and unity this 26th Jan and wave the Tiranga in each and every corner of India with pride!!  A big Salute to the Indian army and the freedom fighters of our country!!

Shivaji Satam as ACP Pradyuman in CID

I am proud to be an Indian and will always be until my last breath. Jai Hind! Happy Republic Day to all.

Dayanand Shetty as Inspector Daya in CID

I feel proud to be an Indian and I just want to thank the soldiers and their families who have supported them in  making our country a safe place to live.

Anoop Soni as anchor in Crime Patrol

We all Indians should understand the importance of freedom and respect our freedom. We all should know our rights as citizens but at the same time it is very important to fulfill our duties too. Happy Republic Day.

Jaaved Jaaferi as Judge in Boogie Woogie

I don’t think we have much to celebrate. Today’s youth has to become more active and responsible enough to choose the correct leader for the nation.

Ravi Behl  as  Judge in Boogie Woogie

I just want to convey my message that everyone should live in peace and unity.

Naved Jafri as Judge in Boogie Woogie

Happy Republic Day to all the Indians. I just want to say that enjoy your freedom but at the same time be aware of your responsibilities as well. Also, don’t forget to pay your tributes to our nation’s martyrs Jai Hind!

Archana Puran Singh as Judge of Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali-

This 26th January 2014 is special because there is a change in the air and we can all feel it. May New Delhi be only the beginning to a new and better India. Happy Republic Day!

Shruti Seth (Host of Comedy Circus)-  I wish all Indians to be more responsible and become better citizens. So that we can all be proud to be Indians. I pray that India in the near future will be free from all sorts of crime and corruption. To make our country a better nation, I urge all the Indians to vote and choose the right leader. 

Sargun Mehta (Host of Boogie Woogie)-

We should be proud to be Indians and should know our rights and duties. We say Aam Aadmi has the powers, so instead of blaming the government for everything let’s use it in the right ways towards the right things.

Poonam Dhillion as Sharda in Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Republic day is the day when the Indian Constitution was formed. This is the day when we get to truly celebrate our freedom and remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation. As a kid, I really love watching the great parade and also the flag hoisting ceremony organized at my school. It was really a proud and patriotic moment to be a part of the celebrations.

Krystal D’Souza as Sakshi in Ek Nayi Pehchaan

I have very fond memories of all the Republic days that I celebrated as a kid. In my school days, I remember all the kids had to assemble in the school yard for the flag hoisting. We all were given these little flag badges that were supposed to be pinned up to our uniforms. It really brought a feeling of patriotism and unity when we sang the national anthem together in complete harmony.

Karan Sharma as Karan in Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Being the son of a Defense personnel, I’ve always had great respect and immense love for my country. The Republic day reminds me of my school days when all the students used to assemble and sing songs and poems remembering all our freedom fighters.  For me, it’s a day to remember and acknowledge all the freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for our nation.

Faisal Khan as Maharana Pratap in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap

On every republic day we have a special flag hoisting and celebration in our school. All the kids pay tribute to the great freedom fighters by singing patriotic songs. I also love watching the national parade on television with my family.

Aashka Goradia as Maharani Dheer Bai (Bhatiyani) in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap

I am proud to be an Indian and I urge all my fellow citizens to understand their rights better and be more aware about the significance of the diversity of this country. I believe nothing stands stronger than understanding this.

Rajshree Thakur as Jaivantabai in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap

I am proud to be an Indian and I want to salute all the freedom fighters who have fought for our nation’s freedom. Happy Republic day!

Sangeeta Ghosh as Saanchi in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Lee Zara

Republic day for me is watching the national parade with my family. That’s my way of giving tribute to all those who have contributed in making this day possible for our nation.

Ruslaan Mumtaz as Dhruv in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Lee Zara

On this republic day I want to thank all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation. We actors are called ‘heroes’ but according to me they are the actual heroes. I sincerely want to acknowledge and salute them and their families for all that they’ve done for our nation. .    

Aishwarya Sakhuja as Shikha in Main Naa Bhoolungi

It just saddens me to see the current state of affair of our country. Our freedom fighters had given their blood and sweat to make our country independent and give us one of the best constitutions in the world. So I feel, this republic day one should remember the blood, energy andsweat of the fighters who gave up their lives for our nation. I really hope that each and every one of us begins to makeuse of the power and authority that lies with us for the betterment of our nation. I am proud to be an Indian.

Vikas Manaktala as Sameer in Main Naa Bhoolungi

Republic day to me means sitting in front of the Television set and watching the Parade with my family. It gives me great pleasure to see the whole nation come together and celebrate the Republic Day with such high spirits.

Sonia Balani as Pihu in Bade Aache Lagte Hai

During my childhood days, we used to have a flag hosting ceremony followed by skits and poems dedicated to our freedom fighters. It is a day when the entire nation comes together to thank each and every one who contributed in giving us freedom.

Yuvraj Thakkur as Sammy in Bade Aache Lagte Hai

Republic Day makes me realize the value of my freedom. We’re truly blessed to live in an independent democratic country where everyone has the right to say and do what one likes. On this day, we genuinely need to pay our tributes to every person who has contributed to independent India.

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