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Raman Handa carries out a noble deed, donates his organ.

Harsha Masand | September, 12 2015

Raman Handa is surely and truly looking forward to his wedding with Divya on 26 November. However, the would-be-groom has gone on to make a big decision of his life, in donating his organs on ‘Organ’s Donation Day’ this year on 13 August.

Yes, as Raman aptly puts it, every life has to end, and the beauty lies in seeing yourself alive even after death takes you away!!
On the Organ Donation Day, Raman has donated his corneas, kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and pancreas.
Raman says, “Yes, this thought in me was there for long. But I did not know from where to start this process. Luckily, I saw a hoarding in Kokilaben Hospital calling for people to donate their organs on the Organ Donation Day. So I talked about it to my family and then decided to go ahead and enrol. I have now got a certificate for the same, and my brother has been given the incharge of carrying out this procedure upon my demise.”

Talking further, Raman states, “What is the exact meaning of being alive? If you are alive, you need to give back something to the society. And I believe that if my heart beats in someone, my corneas shine in someone’s eyes, then I have done my bit to the society.”

Truly, a noble deed, Raman!!

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