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Ram Das Naidu's New Distinction

News Helpline | January, 01 2012

Another knowledgeable director with research work to his Kannada films P Ramdas Naidu is coming up with a great contribution to the centenary of Indian cinema via discussing on the world cinema in his 100 topics and 100 books concept.

A state and national award winning director P Ramdas Naidu achieved distinction through his films and winning awards at the national and state level for films like Pravaaha, Mussanje, Moggina Jade, Beli Maththu Hola and Hejjegalu. Naidu is in the film and television media in the last four decades forming his own team of writers and heading Messrs Naidu Studio Production house.

'Encyclopedia on World Cinema' in Kannada from P Ramdas Naidu's Center for World Cinema Studies is ready with the first volume of 400 plus pages. 100 topics have been selected and each volume discuss on it at the world level. A lot of research work from two decades is poured in by P Ramdas Naidu. He has met people, collected data, made analysis and arrived at facts to his distinct project. This is definitely going to be a thought provoking and unique contribution by a Kannadiga P Ramdas Naidu to the world cinema.

The concept of Encyclopedia on World Cinema by Ramdas Naidu will be in the chronology order and he intends to release a few volumes in a few months time coinciding the 100 years of Indian cinema.




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