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Ragini to blame Swara for kidnapping

Fatima Raheem | November, 24 2015

Colors popular show ‘Swaragini’ is definitely a treat for the viewers with its interesting storyline.

As per the current track we have seen that Ragini leaves the house in a fit of rage and later it will be revealed that Ragini is missing and is being kidnapped and Swara gets blamed for all this mess.

A source from the show revealed, "Ragini who left the house abruptly will go missing and the entire blame will be put on Swara. After knowing about her missing state, cops will be called, who would find out that Ragini is actually kidnapped, through the CCTV footage of the Kali Baadi area. Meanwhile, Ragini, who is tied up will try to call her family. However, she won't be able to speak up, but the family will still recognize the background noise and will trace the place and rescue her."
Ragini will be back and pretend to be afraid of Swara being around her and blames Swara for the kidnapping.

So did Swara has actually kidnapped Ragini or is this is also another evil plan of Ragini?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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