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Puru Chibber:I really feel it is better to let go than to stick with a failed relationship

Harsha Masand | July, 17 2015

Although Ronnie aka Puru Chibber is nursing a heartbreak on Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Reporters (Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd), it is a different case in his real life.

“Honestly, I have never been refused by any girl (laughs). Guess it’s my charm, but I managed to always find my girl,” said Puru.
The actor also feels that it is very important that a relationship should have understanding and respect. “These qualities are really necessary to build a bond and keep it strong.”

Talking about love triangles on TV shows, Puru added, “I think it is an interesting plot, which definitely adds a lot of spice to the track. I think one person in a relationship has to be ‘maahan’ enough to step down to keep the story going (laughs). But on a serious note, I really feel it is better to let go than to stick with a failed relationship.”

When we asked him his way of handling heartbreaks, the actor quipped, “I am not sure as it depends from person to person.
From personal experience, I feel when you are young you tend to take rash decisions, but with maturity comes calmness and humility. I think there is no use fighting, except letting go.”
Well said, Puru!!

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