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Pritam & Amanjjot on Eliminating from Nach Baliye 8

Siddharth Dhongle | May, 02 2017

Nach Baliye helped us understand each other better : Pritam- Aman on Elimination

How was your Nach Baliye journey?

Our Nach journey was uncomfortable, tiring, frustrating as we it needed physical training a lot not only mental. But at the same time we felt awesome facing all our challenges and discomforts, we danced like pro which surprised not only others but us as well... it is deliciously enjoyable that way because it had all the ingredients... anger, frustrations, new achievements  ... first highest scores,first perfect scores lowest scores. Emotions we never felt before. Also we discovered each other in a different light... facing a challenge to perform together where we both are not used to doing it... it brought us to better understanding with each other and ourselves.

You opened up about your personal life on stage?  People have been able to relate to the ups and downs that your marriage has had.  What do you want to say about that?

We are happy that we got the opportunity to share out real lives with our fans... they have the right to know that their favorite celebs are as human as they are when it comes to facing their life challenges... and like we keep walking and come out as winners in our own battles ... the same they can also do 😊

How did your kids and family react to your performances?
Our first audience is our families... parents,kids, friends relatives and fans... when you feel and see pride in their eyes after seeing you perform... you know you are a winner... our families always wanted to see both of us working together at some point of life... in Nach we did... they are super happy... I am excited to see my kids' reactions seeing their parents dancing when they grow big... its a forever memory for us ... even our grand children will get to see us dancing whenever they will type nach baliye 8 on net (Laughs)

The most challenging performance in this journey?
 Our last performance Paso Doble was the most tough one... Firstly because it had only beats and music and no lyrics... so being non dancer it was very challenging for us to be precise on the right beats to be accurate in our steps. Secondly Pritam is a tough guy so it was east for him to carry this avatar. But when it comes to me...I am strong but not tough in my normal life... so to live A bull's adamant and fierce side was the most toughest thing could ever think i could do. I was sweating till the last moment before our performance...

Which jodi did you bond with the most on the show?
Sanam Abby are the sweethearts ... then we had a very good connection with Aashka and Brent... other than that all the couples were loving and beautiful. Had amazing time with everyone.

Your favorite judge on the show?
 my favorite judge in the order of liking... Terrence sir ... Mohit Suri and Sonakshi Sinha. And Pritam' s fav is Mohit Suri Terrence Lewis and Sonakshi Sinha...All three are sweethearts... they have inspired us do better when we lacked courage and faith in ourselves in their own special ways...  they push us in way that our fears wipe off and we feel like sticking to the show and dance more...😊 each one of them have taught a better side of us and helped us  reconnect with our more creative sides

If you come back in the wild card, who would be your toughest competition?

 If we come back in our wild card... in literal sense every other couple is our competition and we are a competition to all others as it is a competitive show...   but in our spirits we all know everyone including us is here to do something that they would not have done otherwise... and its not about others its about a couple's own journey as dancers...

Do you plan to continue your journey with dance?
 Hopefully yes... we do plan to continue dancing as its a great form of exercise and it helps lift up our spirits.. makes you work hard and increases your focus... and music is the biggest healer and dancing is like a perfect medicine for all physical and mental illness

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