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Parikshet Sahni will be seen in new serial Pakriti which airs on Doordarshan

| January, 09 2015

“Prakriti” is the latest presentation of Balraj Sahni Productions on the National Network (DD1) and its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is perhaps the first time that a TV serial is being made on Nature and Wildlife and being shot in on real locations -forests and jungles of India. 
These sanctuaries were called Abhayranyas.Sacred Groves had been a part of tribal tradition where cutting of trees and killing wildlife was prohibited.
But in present times wanton destruction of the environment is having catastrophic effects, some of which are beginning to be felt everywhere – global warming, paucity of rain in certain areas,untimely floods and tsunamis in other parts. The situation is alarming. The need of the hour is to address these issues urgently. 
But “Prakriti”, far from being a documentary on environmental issues, is not just edifying but also entertaining. Comprising of a star cast of renowned actors -- Atul Shrivastav, Amit Behl, Nimay Bali and also Parikshet Sahni -- the story focuses on the struggles and battles of our heroine, “Prakriti”, who, against all opposition, opts for a job as an officer in the Forest Department in search of her lost father. He has been missing for almost a decade. Everyone is convinced that her father is dead but Prakriti is sure he is still alive and she sets out to find him.
She faces innumerable odds both professional and personal, and in the end proves that a woman is in not the “weaker sex” but,like any of her male counterparts, is capable of taking on and overcoming any challenge. 
But in doing so our heroine “Prakriti” gets the biggest shock of her life when she discovers that her father has become a turncoat and has joined people involved in decimating jungles and killing wild animals and supplying furs, skins, teeth and rhinoceros horns This results in a gargantuan conflict between father and daughter. She fights her father (and the villains that support him), stops her father from doing any more harm, convinces him about the perfidy of his actions and proves that no sacrifice is too small in order to conserve our environment on which depends the well being of our future generations.

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