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Paras Tomar - a tarot reader!

Fatima Raheem | January, 20 2016

We all are aware about the multi faceted personality of Paras Tomar being an actor and radio jockey.

But do you know that the handsome hunk is a tarot reader as well!

Read on to know from the actor himself!

Speaking about his passion Paras, "I learnt Tarot when i was 17 years old. I was interning with the Times of India and a senior of mine was into Tarot. Naturally curious, I probed her and she took me under her wing. I am always excited about the possibility of knowing what course the future might take, but then again who isn't!  I do tarot for myself all the time."
So how does e manage time for his hobby?
"It's not like I have a little stall at an exhibition! (Laughs)  I have a tarot deck at home in Mumbai and have one in Delhi too. I'm reading so much all the time that the practice happens by itself."
"I enjoy it. It's fun. But that's my reason to do most things in life. People are so honest when they're getting their reading done. That's the one time people actually speak their mind, ask real questions. I'm always doing tarot for friends and family. We've done it for silly things, serious things and crazy things. It always brings people closer. Because once you're doing someone's reading, they have no secrets left with you!".
"I only read for friends and family. I'm a bit of a skeptic with anyone who charges for tarot. All my close friends at some point or another have had their readings done at my place," signs off Paras.
Keep it up Paras!



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