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Paras Chhabra not okay with Kishwer's comment!

Harsha Masand | November, 06 2015

Paras Chaabra, who is the winner of Splitsvilla 5, isnb't okay when Kishwer categorised Delhi styling referring to Rishabh.

Paras shared, “Who is she to decide how Delhi people are? I think people in Delhi are one of the most stylish crowds. Has she even visited the place? It was so saddening to see her say that Rishabh is dressed as band wala type’s flashy clothes, typical Delhite.”

He further added, “She also mentioned about Rishabh coming from Splitsvilla. Has she forgotten that her beau Suyyash (Rai) too came from the same show? Also Prince (Narula) got so much popularity from Splitsvilla, and he like a fool is agreeing on whatever his ‘didi’ says. I so dislike her now for being so judgemental.”

His angst further rose when Kishwer spat in Rishabh’s drink. “Which sophisticated and sane person would do that? I have lost all the respect I had for her. It is disgusting to see her in the show. Given a chance I would love to tell Kishwer how she is degrading her class in Bigg Boss on her face and show her reality to the world.”

Well let's see what happens now in the Bigg Boss house.

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