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MTV Splitsvilla Season 8

| April, 24 2015

The Way to a Woman’s Heart
MTV the most followed youth brand unveils the theme of the 8th season of its popular reality show Splitsvilla
Men, especially the Indian kind, need a little bit of orientation and education on wooing women the right way. More so, the times we live in demand for men to become gentlemen and treat women right. To treat them in a caring and respecting way, so as to make them feel special all the time. Something women simply deserve.
This necessary but fun education can range from teachings on grooming, basic values, some help with mental evolution, perception and outlook, the correct things to say and do, the perfect gifts to buy, and more. And who better than Sunny Leone and Rannvijay, the first couple of love, the epitome of suave, cool and lovable, to teach the same to boys on Splitsvilla - the ultimate wooing show on Indian Television. Splitsvilla 8 is therefore aptly tag lined this time with ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’.
To launch the great, cult show with this powerful core and theme, we at MTV did a simple thing. We made a virtual short version of the show and packed the concept into a fun, entertaining music video. On a song that’s called ‘What women love’ that contains various fun suggestions on ‘what you should learn about what women love to woo them’, stunning Sunny Leone and youth heart-throb Rannvijay are seen as a couple cutely dancing and romancing each other, playing out the various suggestions in a Broadway style stage-play, with Sunny leading the suggestions because she knows best, whereas Rannvijay is the good boyfriend who is seen doing the right thing. Simply put, Sunny’s the perfect teacher of the subject, and Rannvijay is the perfect student and the perfect ‘good boyfriend’ from whom Indian boys should take example.
The 2 minute music video is produced in-house by MTV’s Creative Team lead by Keegan Pinto. Its music and lyrics too have been created by Keegan Pinto and the exciting, fresh, ‘like-never-before’ avatar of a Splitsvilla launch film has been directed by the talented Shai Samtaney, again from the MTV team itself. 

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