Sat, 23 Sep, 2023
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Mrunal Jain reacts to Meat ban!

| September, 12 2015

Mrunal Jain is a hard core Jain who follows his religion strictly with all rules and rituals.

On being asked about the meat ban he says, "Its a fantastic move.  Meat means killing animals. Imagine the knief coming towards the alive hen who would be killed and cut to make chicken to be eaten. The pain and energies of a crying hen are fried and eaten. Jains are very particular about  Paryushan Parva. We don't even eat potatoes and onion. I am an example of a vegetarian body. Meat ban even for someday's is a good idea. Atleast those animals will get to live for some more days. Science also says digestion of meat and non vegetarian stuff takes more time. Nature has given us enough vegetables and vegetarianism is in these days. So many actors and non-actors are following vegetarianism. It is painful to see meat shops al lover with hanging chickens loaded with blood all over. Being a Jain I totally support the meat ban. My wife Sweety also follows Jainism. I am proud to be a Jain. My parents have taught me Jainism perfectly".

Well your logic does have a point Mrunal!

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