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Mohit Abrol looking forward to a lead role.

Harsha Masand | May, 29 2015

Actor Mohit Abrol is a ‘happy man’ as he’s managed to get a good learning curve, as he comes out of the Swastik Productions show on &TV, Razia Sultan.

As we know, Razia’s family on the show will be brutally assassinated, amidst the happy occasion of Nasir’s coronation. And Nasir, Razia’s brother will be one of the family members who will breathe his last.

Says Mohit, “Yes, the death of Nasir will mark my end in the show. I hope all the women folks will cry on seeing me die (smiles). Though I cannot reveal much on the sequence, all I can tell you is that Nasir will have a heroic death.”

Mohit is extremely delighted at the number of gains he has got as an actor with his stint in Razia Sultan. “Siddharth Tewary Sir is a visionary, and the manner in which he shoots his sequences is simply great. It is a challenge shooting for a mytho or historical show, as every shot demands a lot. However, things were made so easy with Siddharth sir’s ideas and thought process. Also, working with stalwarts like Seemaji (Seema Kapoor), Soorajji (Thapar) was a great experience.”

Ask Mohit whether he would have wanted to continue being part of Razia Sultan, and he states, “No. I agree, I had a great time playing Nasir. This has to be a role and show where I learnt a lot; these are learnings I have got for life. However, after having done my part, I will now want to concentrate on my next project, and get something good.”

So does it mean you have a role already in your kitty? “No, I will want a break. I plan to go to Delhi to be with my family for at least 15 days. I will then get back to Mumbai to look for my next role.”

On the dynamics of a daily show on TV wherein the main characters have to be shown linked to the leads at some point or the other, the actor avers, “This is why the shows abroad are better off. You will find so many independent characters in their shows. But here, the main characters need to be tagged along with the leads; so the exposure the character artists get is not that great. Having said this, I have had many memorable sequences in the show as Nasir.”

So what’s next for you? “I will now want a lead role. The role in Razia Sultan has given me a lot of appreciation and recognition. Now I will want to capitalize on that.”

Mohit, enjoy your break and get back soon!!

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