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Mithun Chakraborty tells Bangla Nache Bhangra actors, Enjoy watching yourself on screen the first time

News Helpline | January, 01 2012

Sayan Ganguly and Pallavi, the two debutant actors of Bangla Nache Bhangra were recently on the sets of Bigg Boss Bangla to promote their film, releasing on august 23. And who did they meet there but the legendary Mithun Chakraborty. For Sayan, it was an experience that overwhelmed him.

While talking to a popular daily, Sayan could hardly control his excitement. "MithunChakraborty is huge. And yet, so down to earth," he said. When asked about his interaction with Mithunda, he narrated to us how they laughed over the fact that the film seemed to draw upon MithunChakraborty's life. "My character, Raj, falls in love with Pallavi's character, who is a Panjab kudi, exactly the way Mithunda fell in love with his wife Yogita bali, who is of Punjabi origin. Said Sayan, "While discussing all these, he really got carried away and talked about how true love can never be restricted by geographical boundaries."

When asked, what Mithunda's reaction was to the film's promos,Sayan lit up and said, "He was very supportive and very positive about the promos. He even recounted his experience of Mrigaya, his first film which eventually won him a national award. He told us, "Tension tothakei. Prothom film bole kotha. But that surreal feeling of watching oneself on the big screen is priceless. Enjoy that.""



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