Sat, 10 Jun, 2023
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Mere Angane Mein: Ammaji to find out Shivam and Riya's affair.

Harsha Masand | June, 19 2015

The recently launched show Mere Angne Mein (Sphereorigins) on Star Plus is creating quite a lot of interesting drama.
With the daily still settling down and giving a clear sketch of all the characters, viewers will get to see the patriarch Ammaji (Krutika Desai) creating difficult time for Shivam (Karam Rajpal).

Shares a source, “The gossip mongers, neighbouring aunties will inform Dadi about Shivam being seen with a girl and she would be furious about it.”

Ammaji will then go on a hunt to find Shivam in their mohalla. Luckily for Shivam, who would be with Riya (Ekta Kaul) in a restaurant, will notice his Dadi and swiftly hide themselves. But Ammaji will also pledge to herself on finding the truth about Shivam’s affair.

But the drama wouldn’t end here.

Riya will meet Ammaji on her way back and the two will indulge in major tiff owing to their different ideologies.
Will Ammaji find out about Riya being Shivam’s girl friend? How will she react to the truth?

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