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Karan Patel does a vote appeal for Mohit Malik

| October, 05 2015

Recently the popular actor  Karan Patel visited Jhalak dikhla ja to wish good luck to his buddy Mohit Malik. 

Mohit said,"I appreciate that Karan took time from his shooting to watch me, that was really sweet of him. I have known him for a few years. He is a nice guy. We have been in the same industry for so many years. I respect the way he has grown as an actor. He always stands out in his performances. His show is very popular. He portrays his character naturally. Karan is one among few in TV industry who put so much efforts in their characters."

While Karan himself had been a part of Jhalak journey, he knows what Jhalak is all about. Karan wished luck and did a vote appeal for Mohit too. Karan asked to vote for Mohit to both the actors' fans for which the latter is grateful. Additie Malik  adds, "Karan is a good person and his support is appreciated"

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