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Kapil Sharma rescues little girl lost in a concert crowd in Surat

News Helpline | May, 08 2014

Comedian Kapil Sharma comes to help a toddler who got separated from her parents in Surat.

Blame it on the crowds that converged in Surat on Saturday night. Where  Kapil Sharma expected 5,000 people, eventually 25,000 people showed up. In the melee a little girl got separated from her parents.

Kapil found her crying and took charge of her.The girl is said to be only two-and-half-years old.

Kapil Said, 'She was so young and vulnerable. She couldn’t speak. She was just crying. My heart reached out to her. Watching children cry is the most heartbreaking experience of my life. The little girl reminded me of my own niece. My heart melted'.

Kapil took the girl on stage and called for her parents. The frantic father leapt up on stage only to get a mouthful from Kapil.

The "Comedy Nights With Kapil" host said, 'I took the father to task in public. He deserved it. Being a responsible father is the foundation for being a good citizen. We have to learn to take our obligations more seriously'

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