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Just in: Bigg Boss 9 housemates go FREE!

Harsha Masand | October, 23 2015

It will be one happy day for all housemates of Bigg Boss 9 tonight.
After staying in the bandhan for two weeks, the contestants will now go FREE!
Excited about the same???

Here, let us share you the details on the same.
Bigg Boss would introduce the ‘Double Trouble’ room, which would act as a game changer in the weeks to come.
Two contestants will be summoned every week by Bigg Boss, and asked a question. They would be kept in separate sound proof rooms. With both contestants, having no inkling of the other’s reply, their reactions to the questions would add twist.
Tonight, viewers will get to witness Kishwer Merchantt and Aman Verma being called in the rooms. Bigg Boss, would tell them that they have the power to free the rest of the house.

But the conditions set would be that if one of them presses the buzzer, the whole house gets free of the bond; if both press the buzzer, Aman and Kishwer get tied up again and if none of them press the buzzer, they will get back into a bond along with another jodi but the rest of the house will be freed of the bond.

The other housemates would anticipate and pray for one of them to hit the buzzer.

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