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Ishq Ka rang safed to see Viplab and dhani in trouble

Harsha Masand | September, 12 2015

Problems, problems and some more problems!!!
Where you want to know?

In Colors’ drama, Ishq ka rang safed (Film Farm).

Well it seems that Dhaani’s (Eisha Singh) problems are not going to end soon.

After the issues regarding Ashram, Viplab’s (Mishal Raheja) company will again land Dhaani into some trouble.

A source shared, “While Dhaani will get stuck into an unwanted situation, where she will be teased by some rowdy young boys, Viplab will come at her rescue. But unfortunately while driving back their car will break down due to mechanical errors. And as Dhaani will get late to reach Ashram, Dulari (Garima Shrivastav) and others will worry for her”.

If spending time with Viplab was not enough to create issues for Dhaani then soon a police constable will catch the duo.
Oh yes, in a conservative town depicted in the series, when the police will catch the duo alone in a car, they will suspect them and will question Dhaani’s morality. He will also force them to go to the police station along with him.
Oops, quite a tense situation for both of them we must say.

So, will Viplab be able to save Dhaani? We guess with his legal expertise he will be able to play some trick to free Dhaani from the clutches of the cop.

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