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Is Comedy Nighs with Kapil under scrutiny?

Harsha Masand | January, 02 2016

Is Comedy Nights with Kapil being replaced by Krushna.

Comedy and comedians, we all love them. But behind the scenes, all is not hunky-dory.
Let’s cut to the chase.

Television’s biggest comedy show, Comedy Nights with Kapil (K9 and SOL), airing on Colors, is under scrutiny.
That all is not well between comedy king Kapil and the heads at Colors is public knowledge. Kapil has decided to shut shop and wrap up Comedy Nights, is the popular buzz in the industry.
The last airing, as per media reports, is 17 January 2016.

So what will happen post that? Is it the end of road for Kapil on Colors or he will return for good in time to come? Or Kapil is shifting his loyalties to some other channel?

Reports have also emerged of Kapil’s ‘challenging’ contemporary Krushna Abhishek (who spearheads Comedy Nights Bachao on the same channel currently), will get into his shoes. Comedy Nights with Kapil will be rechristened as Comedy Nights with Krushna.
Boy o Boy!!! So what would happen to the much liked Bachao series?

Our industry sources have mentioned that indeed there is a strong competition between Kapil and Krushna, which is not healthy.
The channel wanted Kapil to continue with the bi-weekly format but Kapil chose otherwise, given his other professional commitments.

Thus, emerged another programming genius from Colors, Comedy Nights Bachao.
Comedy Nights is produced by Optimystix. History is aware about the production house’s apparent tiff with Kapil when he chose to move out of Comedy Circus (produced by Optimystix on Sony TV) and launch Comedy Nights.
Overtime, Kapil gained immense popularity and ruled the comedy roost on Colors. With the entry of Optimystix in the picture, things got a tad foggy.

Sources suggest Kapil and team predicted a lukewarm response to Bachao, but got a bit jittery when it got accepted by the audience.
“Both Krushna and Kapil are competitive. Both want to be on the top. All this while Comedy Nights played solo, with Bachao the scenario has changed,” added a source.
In the past too Kapil has been successful in creating an ambience which led to speculations of him being ‘done and dusted’ with Comedy Nights. His tweets and timely media interactions did the trick.

This time too the fire of a pragmatic problem sparked off from a media report. Some say Kapil and his very good friend Preeti Simoes (also creative director in Comedy Nights) use these means to get an upper hand. But this time it seems things have reached a stage where handshakes will turn into goodbyes between him and the channel, unless they reach a common point of agreement.
With so much back stage drama, what will happen now?
Heed this.

Kapil is in talks with Sony and Star Plus to get associated with. He is negotiating on monetary fronts, and given his hard earned credibility and popularity, the amount being quoted is quite considerable.
But most probably he and Sony will smile at each other. If he swaps channel, he will create a new format, a new show with the tag of brand Kapil. 

There is also a possibility of Kapil taking a break, rejuvenating and returning to Colors if things get sorted out, which at this point of time looks difficult.
Where does Krushna come into the picture?
“There have been suggestions of Comedy Nights with Kapil being hosted by Krushna Abhishek. A formal announcement will be made on Krushna taking the responsibility of making ‘Comedy Nights with Krushna’successful. The format will be same but the parivaar will be new. Bharti Singh and Sudesh Lehri most probably will be part of Krushna’s family,” added a source.
So what happens to Bachao?

“At this point of time it seems both shows will be hosted by Krushna, with Bharti and Sudesh being the common factor,” the source further shared.
It’s the season of speculation and confusion. Time to get info from the newsmakers.

We buzzed Krushna who said: “It’s too early to talk on Comedy Nights with Krushna. I am neither denying nor agreeing anything. Let time do the talking.”
What about his ‘tiff’ with Kapil? “I have no tiff with Kapil. I am his big fan and we two are good friends. We two are different as comedians. His and my styles are different. The news about we sharing bad blood could emerge from the fact that I have never been a part of his show. There are no hard feelings at all.”

We made all attempts to get a comment from Kapil but he remained mum on the development. However, cast and crew of Comedy Nights, though aware of the ongoing noise, are yet to get any official intimation.
Sudesh Lehri on his part said: “I am hearing so many things. If the news is true, it’s a great opportunity for Krushna. I share a special relationship with him and can never say no if he offers me to be a part of his show. However, no one has approached me officially yet.”

Producer Vipul D Shah remained unavailable for comment. Bharti too remained out of reach.
A channel source on grounds of anonymity shared: “Speculations are high. But final call will be taken in mid Jan. But Kapil exiting looks an almost certainty, unless someone pulls something out of a hat.”
We hope it’s more than a rabbit.

Whatever be it, everyone will closely monitor the fate of Comedy Nights, Kapil and Krushna in days to come.

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