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Indravati to transform into a powerful 'witch' in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka

Harsha Masand | October, 20 2015

The past life drama in Colors’ popular show, Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will finally see the transformation of Indravati (Reeshmi Ghosh) into a powerful witch.

Yes, as per the ongoing track, the old woman who has been helping Indravati with her black magic has told her that she has to sacrifice the life of her own sister Padmavati (Dipika Kakar) to turn into a witch.

Hence, in tonight’s episode, viewers will get to see Indravati doing just that!!
In a horrifying sequence, Indravati will cut Padmavati’s wrist using a nail. Immediately the woman aiding Indravati will hold a voodoo doll underneath Padmavati’s wrist, so that her blood would fall on the doll. In few minutes, the woman will declare Indravati to be a very powerful witch.

As per reliable sources, “An injured Padmavati will however, try to escape from Indravati’s clutches. But she will be shocked to see Thakur (Dheeraj Dhoopar) lying unconscious, under the effect of the woman’s black magic. Indravati will be about to apply some ash on the Thakur’s forehead when Padmavati will protect Thakur by hitting Indra on her head.”

Ultimately, Padmavati will get convinced that Indravati has crossed her limits in attaining Thakur. She will go on to tell Thakur that she is with him in the mission to eradicate her own sister, Indravati.
Will Thakur and Padma be able to put to an end Indra’s atrocities?

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