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Harsha Masand | January, 15 2016

Switching to telly shows, We see how the womens rule the house. They are perfect in everything they are asked for. So we went to know how those telly girls will rule the country if given the supreme power.

ROOP DURGAPAL: Having supreme power to rule its the most responsible position one can ever have. I would first remove the corrupt people from my office and hire younger minds along with honest experienced people. When the roots will be good as well as strong, rest everything will follow.

GIAA MANEK: Well lots of things I will look at if given supreme power in my hands. Few of them are like to eliminate all reservations whatever in the field of education,government jobs, all should get chance equally based on merit only. I will make corruption an unpardonable act. I will be dealing with the poverty, Safety education and employment. I will try reducing the overall rates of the basic food items making it easier for the poor section of the society.

JAYA BHATTACHARYA: There is so much to do when you have the supreme power. But yes I would implement the usage of solar electricity as a must for every building as soon as possible, So that the energy we save by this can be sent to the villages.

RUBINA DILAIK: Well if I am given the supreme power, to honour our toughest armed forces I shall propose a law by which the salary of our armed forces and security personnel is raised by five times. Also the law will make sure that our forces get the best of training and equipment.

MAHIKA SHARMA: If I get supreme power I am very sure to provice security to street people. Will take care the new born babies to them are given a better life instead to grow with their family. I will also declare primary education  compulsory for all.

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