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Ideal Idea and fav colors in TV celeb bags for Holi celebration.

Harsha Masand | March, 23 2016

It would not be an exaggeration if one says that fun is the other name of this festival of colours called Holi. For, the very motive of celebrating the festival is to have fun and go crazy. There are no prayers for this day and no sermons are said. The only norm that is accepted is follow no norms and have as much fun as you want.For a day all just forget themselves and simply have fun - all responsibilities are owed to the spirit of the festival. And, if anybody stares or give strange expressions, the answer is ready too. "Bura na mano Holi hai", is the refrain that is on everybody's lips. 

Here we bring the ideal ideas of television celeb on Holi. And also the color they will get into their bags for playing holi.

RUBINA DILAIK: Going crazy with all for organic abeer and gulal. While the Indian inside you takes front seat during this festival of colors, unlike everyone I would love gorging on some Hindustani food, rather than picking on spaghetti or salads of course. Including some desi style chaats, pani-puris, and starters initially. A good sound and speaker system is essential to blare Bollywood numbers. Playing out some peppy tracks and I will never forget to pose, pout, and click looking great with all my hooliganism. I Prefer to use all the colors as I feel and want to see my life colorful all around.

NITI TAYLOR: Each and every Indian festivals are unique in itself and so is Holi. Applying colours on each other's face and enjoying splashes of water is the actual essence of Holi. Special sweets and food stuffs are prepared and shared on this occasion. Celebrating this festival is the real way of sharing colours of joy, love and enthusiasm. Try to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi to add more colours of safety and satisfaction to your celebration. An eco-friendly celebration gives you full freedom to have unlimited fun as well pleasure of protecting nature. Such celebration also allows you to save money on harmful colours and other irrelevant products. Have a safe and happy Holi. And my favourite colour for Holi will be Green. Why green because Green for me represents Life ,Growth, Environment, Healing, Safety and Freshness.

SEHBAN AZIM: With the current situation in our country I would say let's all play an Eco-friendly holi. Waterless holi, also use herbal holi colors as they are skin friendly, no damage on your skin and easy to take them off. On the other hand the Ordinary holi colors can harm your skin and animals too. When it comes to holi I love bright colors like orange, yellow, pink, red. they all make the world around you look so beautiful and full of freshness.

PEARL V PURI: Ideal way of celebrating holi is to start with putting tilak on your dad's n mom's forehead and then color every person coming your way, spread happiness, eat a lot of gujiyas and your favorite sweets with thandai and dance till you are breathless, holi is festival of colors enjoy it to the fullest. Just use herbal colors as chemicals are not good for skin. My favourate color is white and it's because its pure and on white every color looks good, bright and more lively. Spread Love, Cheers!

MANISH GOPLANI: Holi is all about mainly painting the town and everyone along with it red, blue, green and every other color shade available. Adding some good food in the menu yet to enjoy Holi in all its colors it is essential to down a glass of thandai laced with bhang. Some mock tails and light beer can be served as well. Try keeping the hard liquor away, as you do not want any casualties by the end of the day. We can also include a  photo booth. And also use the selfie stick. Going crazy with friends and family. As blue is my color but for holi I am also on for red and green as I feel it suits me.

TANYA SHARMA: For holi, I ensure the colors we use are organic and waste less water, the people I love are with me and the food we gorge on is great! It is a festival of togetherness and I will take care about celebrating it with all my close ones. And for sure music and dance will add more fun and make the celebration crazy. I love playing with pink color as its the color of friendship and is also loved by every girl.

NAUSHEEN SARDAR ALI: Being very notorious the idea of a water balloon is fun and have enjoy it during my childhood. But to think of it, it is environmentally detrimental, as the balloons add to the waste. To top that, there is water wastage and also the fact that it hurts a lot and that must have been so annoying for the person going to his or her job. Holi is one of my favorite fest and in my celebration list but it has a great upside and bad downside. The occasion calls for a huge color party, but I love playing and enjoying with my gang dancing, singing and having festive food making sure about having distance from strangers and bhaang. My favourite color is Rani Pink, even after it wears off it leaves a pink tinge which merges with my skin.

MAHIKA SHARMA: I prefer eco-friendly colors and no water. I mostly love watching others playing colors and to add to the spirit of the festival is the tradition of consuming the intoxicating bhang. It is generally taken with thandai, a milk beverage or in the form of pakoras. It is so hilarious to watch people as they let their hair down and immerse themselves in the spirit of festival. Making strange faces, dance in an unknown fashion and sing as if they have a loudspeaker attached to their mouth. I prefer mostly yellow color and they are so light and leaves a feeling of softness.

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